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Collateral Loans

 Interested in a loan? Call or stop by today to get a fast, confidential, and secure loan!  


A collateral loan, also know as a pawn is a service we offer to help you get cash in exchange for your item!


 We can loan on a number of items but our most commonly loaned items are Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Cellphones, Game Systems and Instruments.

All our loans are 120 days (4 months)!!

Trustworthy, repuatable and here to stay! Never worry when you leave your precious belongings with us, we'll keep them safe for you!

Have an item you need a loan on? Click the button below to call for a quote today!

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"Place is simply amazing! Great staff and great prices on everything store wide! Ask for Joe and he will take care of all your needs you won't regret it"


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